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29 May 1998

'Kick Off the Future' FAQ issued

Amiga Inc today released a compilation of Frequently Asked Questions about their Amiga plans, together with the official answers. This may be useful as a clarification of the original announcements.

15 May 1998

Amiga Inc announces Amiga development plan

At a meeting before the World of Amiga show in London, Jeff Schindler, General Manager of Amiga Inc, unveiled part of the plans for developments by Amiga Inc, including a new architecture and major OS changes. JMS member Ben Hutchings was there and reported on the announcements.

6 May 1998

Announcement pending from Amiga Inc

Amiga Inc's Darreck Lisle confirmed that there would be major announcements made by Amiga Inc on Friday 15 May at the World of Amiga show in London.

2 May 1998

Amiga Inc, ICOA, JMS represented at IRC conference

Channel #news on AmigaNet hosted an IRC conference with representatives from various groups answering questions. Thanks to the AmigaNet moderators (JKay and Mitchman) for organising this. Here's a log of the conference.

29 April 1998

New procedures for the User Representative election

See the election pages.

25 March 1998

Computer industry news

Nicholas Blachford's latest news round-up has finally been marked up and added. Sorry for the delay.

17 March 1998

Candidates announced for User Representative election

The JMS announced the official list of candidates in this press release.

2 March 1998

User Representative to be elected to Amiga Industry Council

A press release by the JMS and ICOA about the election of a User Representative to the next Steering Committee of the ICOA.

4 Febuary 1998

Computer industry news

Another update on the personal computer industry including latest announcements from Amiga Inc.

13 January 1998

Computer industry news

Nicholas Blachford provides another compilation of news and announcements in the volatile personal computer industry.

12 January 1998

Election of Trustees

The elections are over! Giorgio announced the results on the ARISE list today.

18 December 1997

Election of Trustees

Nominations for the election of new trustess have begun. A list of nominees is available for viewing.

15 December 1997

Election of Trustees

Giorgio Gomelsky announced an election of new trustees for the Society with this Call for Nominations.

8 December 1997

Computer industry news

Nick Blachford provided another update on the personal computing industry.

28 November 1997 joins Amiga RC5 Team

RSA Labs has organised an ongoing challenge to find secret keys for various methods and strengths of encryption, to demonstrate the need for strong encryption on the 'net. There's now an effort to raise the profile of the Amiga by getting Amiga users involved in this challenge - the Amiga RC5 team.

27 November 1997

Computer industry mews

JMS member Nick Blachford compiled and summarised some news about the goings-on in the mainstream computer industry.

19 October 1997

IPISA 97 conference

News about an international computer conference in Milan in November 1997. More than 27 speakers representing Aminet, AROS, Be Europe and Sun Microsystems, will be attending IPISA 97.

26 September 1997

Darreck Lisle addresses Amiga user group

At an Amiga Users of the Heartland Group Meeting, Darreck Lisle of Amiga Inc. gave a talk and answered questions in an open manner. This story has now been picked up by ZDNET, where you can find a report from a more general perspective. (Thanks to Nicholas Blachford and David Warner for spotting this.)

23 September 1997

Amiga Inc is hiring

News reached the JMS that Amiga Inc is looking for 3 people to become Vice Presidents and a Director of the corporation. The job descriptions reveal some interesting points about the company's strategy for the future of Amiga.

18 August 1997

An unofficial IRC conference took place on #arise. Cade Hannan provided a summary.

14 August 1997

Jay Miner Society legally incorporated

The Jay Miner Society has been incorporated as a non-profit association in the state of New York. Steve Bowie wrote a press release eloquently summarising what this means.

1 August 1997

Major JMS gathering on IRC

Some major players and some really heavy discussions took place on IRC on 27 July. Ben Hutchings made a report on the proceedings.

29 June 1997

Australian Amiga Gathering

The Antipodes got to celebrate the Amiga this weekend with a big show in Sydney Australia and, by all accounts it was another demonstration that the Amiga is not dead, from the report sent in by Paul Morabito, an ICOA participant who helped to organise an ICOA speech. Special thanks go to him and Michael Gruber as well for their representation.

24 June 1997

National Amiga Open House

The Canadian Amiga vendor invited Amigans to spend the day at their store on 21 June. Fleecy Moss provided a report of the event.

24 June 1997

ICOA Phase 2 complete

With the election of a Transitional Steering Committee for the ICOA, phase 2 of the ICOA initiative has been completed.

26 May 1997

World of Amiga show

Ben Hutchings has submitted a show report

17 May 1997

ICOA initiative unveiled

Following several weeks of preparation, the JMS's Industry Council/Open Amiga initiative was announced at the World of Amiga show in London. Sam Stickland, Thom McIntosh and Ben Hutchings talked and handed out texts to exhibitors and show-goers. At a developers' conference organised by QMW AmigaSoc, Ben made a presentation to developers. The presentation text was also handed to representatives of Gateway 2000 and made available on the ICOA web site.

18 April 1997

IRC brings out the stars for Gala night

Last night on ArcNet #2W, the proverbial line, if not actually drawn in the sand was at least smudged a bit into the dirt. This is the beginning of everything we have waited for during the last four years. Read the transcript to find out what happened.

16 April 1997

First project taken!

Hold up your heads high and sing loudly the name of John J. Karcher, the first person to take on the role of Project Manager for one of our projects - the Database project. Look up to him as the shining example - remember, you are the Amiga!

14 April 1997

The case for an OpenAmiga

This IRC conference - held on 13th April - was a great success. 4.5 hours of jokes, bad Scottish impressions and great discussions with the likes of Carl Sassenrath and Alain Penders of Finale-Development. Check out the IRC log now.

9 April 1997

Received monies blast past $1000

Giorgio now holds more than $1000 in his hands in cheques and cash. People are really starting to believe that we can make a difference - now we've just got to show the rest of the world what we can do.

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