How To Join

If you've found this website, it seems likely you may have already heard something about the Jay Miner Society. The JMS has been discussed on the Internet, at Amiga exhibitions, and elsewhere. It is still 'early days' for JMS, and many new initiatives are shaping up! We think you'll want to find out a bit about it so you can decide whether it's of interest to you. This web site will show you something of what the Society is doing. But to get a more dynamic and interactive taste, you can subscribe to the Second Wind Mailing List.

If you find that you support our goals, you are currently invited to contribute $50 US for a Founding Membership, which involves annual voting rights and other membership privileges. Yes, this is a lot - most of us viewed our contributions as a 'donation to a worthy cause', an investment in the future, rather than a 'purchase of services'. Other types of (more affordable) membership may become available later. Special options for User Group affiliation options are likely to be arranged too.

This might be a good point to mention that we do not intend JMS to usurp in any way the role of the local user groups - not that it could. We believe that the user groups around the world are one of the greatest assets the Amiga has - without them, it would almost certainly be defunct! We want to tailor JMS to supply connectivity and functionality to worldwide User Groups, and to let them have a joint voice with which to address the Amiga's new owners. To date, the idea of an independent Industrial Council that would include user representation in the person of a JMS representative has been well received by Gateway/AI. We feel certain the international Amiga user community will benefit if we can solidify this high level of respect for their input by the new owners. This would certainly be an improvement over previous regimes!

The JMS web pages - specifically, the Hall of Gold - will show you exactly how any money is spent as a matter of policy. In any case the JMS is registered as a not-for-profit society, so its financial dealings are open to public scrutiny.

You can pay by any one of the following methods:

Send money orders, certified checks, or cash (US funds only) to:

The Jay Miner Society
c/o Bill Near Jr.
93 South State Street
Ripley, NY 14775

For direct deposit (wire) into the JMS back account in the USA:

Bank name:Fourth Supervisory School District FCU
Account name:Jay Miner Society

Fourth Supervisory School District FCU
19-21 East Main Street
Westfield, NY 14787

If you choose to make a direct deposit, please Email Bill Near and notify him that you have done so.

If you live outside the USA and would like to use a personal check, you can send a check for US$50 or CDN$70 to Andrew Bienhaus. He has set up an account with a Canadian bank that does not charge for handling foreign checks. The details are:

The Jay Miner Society
c/o Andrew Bienhaus
90 Farr Crescent
Ontario N3C 1R6

For direct deposit (wire) into the JMS bank account in Canada:

Bank name:Toronto Dominion Bank
Account name:Jay Miner Society

The Toronto-Dominion Bank
23 Queen Street West & Guelph Avenue
P.O. Box 25029, Hespeler Centre
Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
N3C 4B6

If you choose to make a direct deposit, please Email Andrew Bienhaus. and notify him that you have done so.

Before you send anything, please check the current details with whoever you are going to send the money to! Bank charges can wipe out a large part of your contribution if it is in the wrong form. Once your contribution has been received, you will receive notification via email and your name will also be added to the list of members.

All pages on this web site are copyright 1998 Jay Miner Society.