Welcome to AmigaOS4.0  

Welcome to the official website of AmigaOS4.0. Here you will find information and resources relating to the latest release of the Operating System that introduced the world to multimedia and proves the fact that so much of the computing industry has forgotten - that computers can be fun.

20 years after the Amiga Operating System was first unveiled to the public it is returning, better than ever, thanks to a joint effort by Amiga Inc. and Hyperion Entertainment VOF. This new version of the famous OS takes all the features that made the original AmigaOS great, and updates them with the latest requirements for cross-platform 21st Century computing devices of all sorts. From desktop computers to mobile hardware, AmigaOS4.0 delivers a uniquely accessible, powerful, and above all fun way to use technology.

Whether you are one of the thousands of dedicated enthusiasts for the platform or an ex-user curious to see what's going on, if you are completely new to the Amiga experience or a potential OEM client considering the deployment of AmigaOS 4.0 on your own hardware, we hope you'll find plenty in this website to interest you.

AmigaOS4.0 website launched  
With this website, we at Hyperion Entertainment VOF have created a central resource for the community of AmigaOS4.0 users and clients, both present and future. We will shortly be expanding this website to include downloads, a developers area, an FAQ and more features that we hope you will find both useful and informative.

To start things off, we include two sets of articles for your reading enjoyment; you'll see links to them in the menu at the side of this page. From the AmigaOS4.0 link you can access articles intended to give you an introduction to the latest version of the Amiga OS, whether you are an OEM interested in the great advantages AmigaOS4.0 can bring to your platform, a curious end-user who wants to know what has been happening with the Amiga platform in recent years, or a dedicated Amiga enthusiast who has been with us all this time. Below that in the menu side bar, you'll find our special "Amiga@20" section, celebrating this 20th anniversary year of the revolutionary Amiga Operating system. In this, you'll find a brief history of the Amiga, as well as a list of our 20 favourite features of AmigaOS4.0, and 20 reasons why we believe AmigaOS4.0 to be a truly unique, innovative and user-friendly OS.

Feature Spotlight: The RAM Disk  

ImageOne of the unique features of the AmigaOS Workbench is the RAM disk. It is a device like any other disk, and appears as a RAM chip icon on your Workbench screen. It acts and reacts exactly like a "normal" disk, with one notable exception: items saved here are lost when the machine resets or powers off.


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