How to install Linux on Sam440

Thanks to ACube Systems for their Sam440ep board and their help in making all this possible.

The documentation here will help you to install Linux on your Sam440. The methods used here are not "100% correct" because things evolve and I can't update these pages everytime.
So if you need help, don't hesitate to ask on forums!

Note that I am far from being a Linux expert so these documentations may not go as far as you would like. If you are a Linux expert feel free to send me your comments, ideas and explanations and I'll update these pages. Send an email to elwoodb on free:fr. Thanks.

Click on the logoDescription and information
Debian installation Describes how to install Debian on a Sam440 board and to use it on the same hard disk as AmigaOS.

Date: 03-Jan-2009
Ubuntu installation Describes how to install Ubuntu on a hard disk with X-window.
Note that to install it we'll use an archive that must be extracted into a partition. This is not a bootable ISO. So you'll need another Linux installation in order to install Ubuntu using this tutorial.
Date: 21-July-2009

This is an alternate Ubuntu logo I found around and I thought I had to share it. ;-)
CruxPPC installation Describes how to install CruxPPC on a hard disk in console mode.

This Linux distribution is for Linux experts only.
Date: 9-Jun-2009