If you like Amiga, you'll love AROS
January 2000

Nowedays, the Amiga still feels the need to upgrade its Operating System. We still want a new and powerfull OS. Sure we have now OS3.5 but it's not enough. The Amigan needs more...

AROS is not well known or even misunderstood, these pages are meant to give you an idea of what it can do for you.
This can make you react and tell us what you think about it or it can make you work for the AROS project, for one possible future of the Amiga system.

AROS is an enhancement of the Amiga OS which works on the Amiga and other platforms (like PPC or x86). It can show to PC users that they can use an OS more powerfull and friendly without even changing their hardware and this can be good for the Amiga market.

AROS is one of the best solution to make the Amiga and its feeling expand through the world...

- But what is this thing called AROS ?
You don't know the AROS project ? You still have questions about it ? Check how AROS looks like and read what Aaron 'Optimizer' Digulla says about it...
- Let's check how AROS deals with the world outside.
Let's compare AROS to other Operating Systems, QNX, BeOS...
AROS availability on other platforms.
- You want to know how to help ?
How can AROS be what all Amigans would like ? A kind of AmigaOS NG. Read what the community can do....
- You want to know more about Aaron Digulla ?
Read here...

If somebody wants to react, wants to add something, feel free to send me what you think, what you want to tell to the Amiga world about AROS and its future.

Obviously, you can find more informations at

Jay Miner Society
Phoenix Platform Consortium