The Blues Brothers

Two bad boys in mission from God go with a cop car to get some bucks for an orphanage in financial dire straits...

When you talk about musical movies, you talk about West Side Story AND The Blues Brothers. This is an incredible movie where the rythm'n'blues music makes your body move, whereas the fun makes you smile, and the incredible casting makes you say "Hey, there is ...." !

Here are a few pics and music to make you think this movie worth the look.

And remember "It's never too late to mend !".

Jake is out of the Joliet pen

Blues Brothers Movie Track Cover

Briefcase full of Blues

Briefcase full of blues Postcard

Inside Ray's Music Shop

Featuring the original Blues Brothers band

John Belushi (Vocals)

Dan Aykroyd (Vocals)

Matt "Guitar" Murphy (Lead guitar)

Steve Cropper (Rythm guitar)

Donald "Duck" Dunn (Bass)

Willie Hall (Drums)

Lou "Blue Lou" Marini (Sax)

Tom "Bones" Malone (Sax)

Murphy "Mr Fabulous" Dunne (Organ)

Alan Rubin (Trumpet)

Let the rythm touch your soul

Note that all files here are 30 or 40 seconds long. This is to avoid any copyright infringement...

SHE CAUGHT THE KATY (414 Kb) Vocals: Jake
GIMME SOME LOVIN' (486 Kb) Vocals: Jake
SHAKE YOUR TAILFEATHER (414 Kb) Vocals: Ray Charles, Jake & Elwood
Background vocals: Patty Austin, Vivian Cherry, Ullanda McCullough
THE OLD LANDMARK (425 Kb) Vocals: James Brown with Rev. James Cleveland Choir
THINK (378 Kb) Vocals- Aretha Franklin
Background vocals: Brenda Corbett, Margaret Branch, Caroline Franklin
THEME FROM RAWHIDE (481 Kb) Vocals: Elwood & Jake
MINNIE THE MOOCHER (440 Kb) Vocals: Cab Calloway
SWEET HOME CHICAGO (404 Kb) Vocals: Elwood & Jake
JAILHOUSE ROCK (409 Kb) Vocals: Jake

Produced by BOB TISCHLER
Music for movie supervised and conducted by IRA NEWBORN
Horn arrangements by TOM MALONE
Front cover photography by David Alexander
Artists photography by Peter Sorel

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