Welcome to the Sound of Music !

Pump up the volume to make it sounds all over the galaxy.

Here are some masterpieces I really love. I'll even try to explain why the artists here are known to produce a sound that no other people can do...

I'll hope you'll discover the music that will make your eyes go wide and your brain go wild. And remember a music worth listening is an album worth buying...

Note that all files here are 30 or 40 seconds long. This is to avoid any copyright infringement.

The Blues Brothers Original Soundtrack 1980

  1. She caught the Katy 242 Kb
  2. Peter Gunn Theme 248 Kb
  3. Gimme some lovin' 284 Kb
  4. Shake your tailfeather 242 Kb
  5. Everybody needs somebody to love 347 Kb
  6. The old landmark 248 Kb
  7. Think 221 Kb
  8. Theme from Rawhide 281 Kb
  9. Minnie the moocher 257 Kb
  10. Sweet home Chicago 236 Kb
  11. Jailhouse rock 239 Kb
This music is from the movie of the same name. John Landis did a great job when he brought together a lot of gueststars of Soul and Rhythm'n'Blues.

I love this movie because the music is so great, because actors are well known people and artists and because it's funny to see those guyes doing whatever is possible to achieve their goal.

Eric Clapton Money And Cigarettes 1983

  1. Everybody Oughta Make A 227 Kb
  2. The Shape You're In 236 Kb
  3. Ain't Going Down 278 Kb
  4. I've Got A Rock N'Roll Heart 236 Kb
  5. Man Overboard 227 Kb
  6. Pretty Girl 263 Kb
  7. Man In Love 242 Kb
  8. Crosscut Saw 242 Kb
  9. Slow Down Linda 230 Kb
  10. Crazy Country Hop 248 Kb
I would call the style of this album, country rock. A rocking guitar sound that sounds good. "Pretty girl" here is a slow almost nobody knows but it's so sweet...
Calvin Russel Sounds from the fourth world 1991

  1. You're my baby 322 Kb
  2. Last night 319 Kb
  3. One meat ball 308 Kb
  4. Crossroads 332 Kb
  5. May be someday 351 Kb
  6. Rockin' the republicans 473 Kb
  7. Baby I love you 351 Kb
  8. Love stealer 331 Kb
  9. You don't know 496 Kb
  10. Down down down 207 Kb
  11. One meat ball (acoustic) 289 Kb
  12. Stripe on the nine ball 207 Kb
The depth of its voice says it all. Calvin travelled so many roads. Here is the result of so many things he did (and beers he drunk). It's sometimes Rock, sometimes Country but it's always Blues, and that's what I like !

All tracks are copyrighted by their respective owners.