Amiga Inc web site Since the introduction of the AMIGA A1000 computer system in 1985, AMIGA has represented the embodiment of the efficient use of memory and drive capacity, while pioneering industry developments in multimedia, 32-bit multitasking and autoconfiguration. AMIGA led the industry in combining computer graphics, animation, and film sequences with stereo sound -- known today as multimedia.
At the beginning the Amiga was a dream in the mind of some crazy guys. They built this computer in the early 1980`s in order to make this dream become a reality. Not only for themselves, but for everyone.

Since then AmigaOS has been copied many times and you find in other operating systems many features, many ideas that come from AmigaOS (datatypes, dynamically linked libraries, file notification...etc.) Stop using a copy, try the original experience !

The Amiga became something more: ideas, feelings, a way of life. Reading the pages here, you'll understand why the Amiga made some people think one way and no other. You'll know why "they" call Amiga users fanatics. Why in the world there is the good people and the bad people; the Amigans and the others.

You'll understand that Only Amiga Makes It Possible!