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This is less a dark secret than a nascent effort to help users of older Amigas to get online. Eventually it is intended to be developed further to provide certification for Amiga enabled ISPs and to provide links to support for "Classic Amigas" in general.

The following is an edited excerpt from a recent IRC, prior to the WOA in London, wherein Giorgio Gomelsky (gom), Ben Hutchings (Womble), Robert Vervoordt (rlv) and Joe Torre (onebit) are quoted explaining a bit about Project X of the JMS.

JMS, like TA, was, is a user association. We're really more on the fringes looking in or trying to look ahead. There's a lot AmigaInc could do to weave the community together, more so than anytime before. But I guess this is not priority...We have worked on a number of projects, one PROJECT X is to attempt to give ALL Amigans access to the internet. It's Robert's baby, and he can tell you more about it.

I would like to answer about Project X. It's simply a way to get internet access for users of older Amigas, so that they can join the upgrade path to OS 3.5 and beyond. We want to give the 1.x people the tools that will get them moving forward.

Of course, we will also try to bring together packages for 2.x and 3.x as well.

But the aim is to get everyone on the net and aware of what they could do, and of the additional possibilities if they do upgrade.

We, with the great contributions of the PD programmers have some rudimentary software in place to do this. We may just have a means of getting 1.3 folks set with graphical browsing. Not great stuff but capable. GA

I hope that we can get those people to buy 3.1 for gods sake, its 1998!

Ben Hutchings, my partner in the process of "Inclusion" on the JMS website and Project X, has put it succinctly as:

"Project-X is intended to make it easier for all Amiga users to get onto 'the net' - either Fidonet or the Internet. Even those with very old hardware and an 'obsolete' OS can do this, given the right software - which is what we have been researching and are bringing together at the moment. Originally it was planned to tie this together with a discounted upgrade program, but the recent surprise announcements about OS development have forced us to rethink."


The first Internet Service Provider is to be The Internet Connection, who is hosting the Jay Miner Society website. Their certification is not based solely on their considerable contributioins to the causes of the JMS alone. They are providing the test bed for Project X, many of the online tools and the very site itself. The real reason for their certification is that they offer both a Unix shell and Slip/PPP accounts. For Amiga users with 1.x systems, this is crucial. They need the shell, which allows text access, some internet capabilities (provided through tthe shell) and eventually, with the help of Project X software, they can be aided in switching to Slip/PPP when they upgrade.

The Connection is ready to provide the free software packages for Amiga users from Project X. At the same time they are also ready to provide the links to other resources in the Amiga community that Project X will make accessible.

A mechanism will be developed to add more providers based on user input and recommendation.


The button on the right, will be linked to a page on the certified ISP's site that will contain choices of software packages that will provide tools suitable for several different levels of the Amiga Operating system.

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