The Hall of Gold

Details of the Society's finances

The Society holds an organisation account in a bank located in New York, and an account in Canada to avoid the administrative charges levied when paying foreign cheques into a US bank. We keep a statement of current assets, including those not yet paid into any bank account, and a virtual ledger recording transactions.

There will be A set of ledger pages listing all transactions on the NY bank account (or cash, before the account was opened). Each page of the ledger lists up to 100 transactions, together with a control block and a current block. Every hundred transactions we will close the current ledger page and then open a new one. Until the completion of the Ledger project, the ledger will exist as a set of hardcoded HTML pages manually updated. This is a first try so if you have any comment, advice, criticism, please notify the web master.

Because the account is held in the US, all transactions will be displayed in dollars. We are looking at ways of improving cash donation and subscription to better reflect our international nature, including credit card subscription and virtual banks. Please bear with us. While we can do this for the Society ledgers, if we make a grant to a group in, say, Germany, our ledger will probably show something like "500 dollars out, converted to 400 deutschmarks" and the Project Manager would keep his/her project account in Germany. This is something for the treasurer to consider.

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