The Forum

We still need someone to collate and co-ordinate the flow of information to the JMS members. There will be 3 primary functions but they will definitely expand as the tools, the membership and the requirements grow. This job will be a combination publisher, editor, nightclub owner, bouncer, entertainer, landlord. The curator of the Forum will be able to propose projects, post them, get work done, have staff. This is a real opportunity for someone out there who likes to party! This person will be expected to cause trouble, harrass people, make sure those in positions of power are actually doing something.

Under discussion As the JMS takes shape, various documents are being drafted and are under discussion. Here is where you will find current drafts and feedback on them.
NewsHound This is where you will find the news coming in from around the world.
Calendar A calendar of forthcoming events, meetings, project completions, elections, parties, birthdays - our CyberCommunity can make its own holidays.
Amiga Poll Here are the questions asked to Amiga Inc about the next OS versions (3.6, 3.7....) ? Follow the link...

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